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Save Paper by Using Page Flip

Posted by | Posted in Save Paper | Posted on 01-10-2009

You are probably asking yourself, why should I save paper? After all, it is darn cheap. Well, you will be surprised to know that paper accounts for over 50% of all trash. Saving paper reduces landfill space, energy consumption, and air pollution caused by paper manufacturing. Most importantly, saving paper reduces the need to cut down trees. And it is a well known fact that trees help preserve the environment by removing green house gases (heat-trapping gases) like carbon-dioxide, methane and ozone.

More than 40 percent of the Earth's oxygen is produced by the rain forests. However, rain forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. A forest area, the size of 20 football or soccer fields is lost every minute. If deforestation persists at this rate, we could lose the entire forest cover in less than 100 years. Logging occurs for many reasons, the primary reason being paper production. In the US alone, over 8 million tons of trees are cut down each year to produce billions of paper catalogs, most of which have no recycled content.

One of the significant, but often overlooked, benefits of our page flip solution is that it is eco-friendly. Converting paper catalogs to page flip catalogs has a positive effect on the environment. Page flip offers the familiar look and feel of a print publication, but it need never be printed. Therefore, it helps save paper and our precious rain forests.

An online flash catalog, or eCatalog, has a near zilch environmental impact, since it need never be printed.