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Announcement: Welcome to eCatalog Creator

Posted by | Posted in Page Flip | Posted on 29-09-2009

Add life to your publication! We convert your PDF/JPG publication into a user friendly format that makes online reading a pleasant experience and enhances user response. Check it out for yourself in our samples section. The concept of page flip is simple yet amazing. Just like a print publication, it allows you to easily scan headlines and photos. Being in this familiar format, a page flip catalog is quite relaxing to read.

There is no page limit or per-page cost. You do not need any special server applications to be installed. You do not need any programming skills. The installation procedure is as simple as copying files to the server. The eCatalog theme can be almost completely customized to match your website design and style. You could host the eCatalog on your server or we could host it for you. All you do is email or promote the link inviting your target audience to view your page flip publication. You could also send the eCatalog to your customers on a CD/DVD. Save money by reducing print and postage costs. Expand your readership by having your publication online, since it is easier for people to share information online.


  • "WOW factor" increases readership and encourages calls to action
  • Eliminates printing and postage costs
  • Highly affordable
  • Page flip presents information in an interactive and intuitive way
  • Easy zoom in/out for close up view, full-screen view, print a page, go to selected page
  • Social bookmarking and eCatalog link sharing
  • Publications can have any number of pages
  • Contract discounts available

Flash Catalog Maker – Best Way to Market Your Products

Posted by | Posted in Page Flip | Posted on 30-09-2010

In today’s world, the traditional ways of marketing a product or service are slowly decreasing both in use as well as in efficiency. They are less used because of the increasingly high cost associated with them, and they’re less efficient because more and more people get their news and/or buy their things online. In short there’s a definite trend towards going digital in most aspects of life, and this translates into the business world as well.

Thanks to the constantly growing use of the Internet worldwide the concept of online product marketing is becoming more and more popular with all sorts of companies, whether they’re small family run endeavors or big multinationals. This has led to a slew of various ways of advertising one’s product or service on the web ranging from special websites to viral videos. One such way of online product marketing takes the traditional method and updates it to the 21st century with the help of the flash catalog maker.

The traditional way of marketing or advertising one’s product would be to create flyers or brochures, or issue out occasional catalogues with their products, services or promotional sales or what-have-you. This translates into a big monetary cost - the cost of paper, printing and postage. But with a page flip, or an eCatalog as it is also called, all of these costs just aren’t there and that makes it the best way to market your products online.

The process of creating a flash catalog is rather simple, much more-so than you would think. You simply get your catalogue designed by your graphics guy, who will send you the file in PDF format. You can then send that PDF to eCatalog Creator, and we will convert it to a flash catalog for you. You can easily set up the eCatalog on a website and/or send it out to customers on a CD/DVD.

If set up on a website, a page flip eCatalog can be accessed 24x7 from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This considerably increases the range of clients that will see it, not to mention the fact that this method of marketing your products doesn’t have a limited life-span as physical printed media does. If you choose so, your flash catalog can stay on the web for as long as you want.

Eco-friendly eCatalog

Posted by | Posted in Page Flip | Posted on 27-08-2010

When the phrase eco-friendly catalog is uttered, not many know what to think or whether or not it is possible that such a thing exists. But the truth is that such a thing does exist and it goes by the name of eCatalog.

The page flip eCatalog is a very simple concept to grasp. Basically, it’s exactly what you might get from printed media, only that it’s completely digitized. This means that it comes with all the advantages that digital media have over physical media, with a significant advantage being a considerable reduction in associated costs.

An eCatalog version can be made out of anything that you can scan into a computer or create with a computer; whether it’s things like magazine and newspapers or books and brochures, anything and everything that would normally be found in a booklet of any kind, on actual paper, can be transformed into an eCatalog.

The option of the page flip eCatalog benefits from a plethora of advantages over printed media, mainly among them being the fact that it doesn’t use paper or ink and this means that all the costs related to acquiring the paper and inks, and the printing costs are entirely non-existent. Not to mention the fact that if you’re in the business of sending your catalogue or brochure out to customers on a constant basis this option will also save you a lot of money in postage costs.

Now you might be thinking that this digital option comes with other requirements like maybe having a dedicated server in order to send them or maybe you need to get special software for your customers to view them. Well, you have nothing to fear because eCatalogs can be easily hosted on your current website’s server or we can host your eCatalog on our server. Also when you’ll want to create a special issue, you can burn the flash catalog on a CD or DVD and give that to your customers. So the digital option increases your catalog’s life span, giving you the option of keeping a certain product online for years to come without having to do new re-prints every time you update your offer.

And there’s another huge advantage to opting for a page flip eCatalog. It is an eco-friendly option which impacts your environmental footprint at several levels. First of all, you won’t be using paper anymore or inks for your products, which means that you’ll be saving a lot of trees in the process of moving towards the digital option. Likewise you’ll be saving on the energy costs related to actually printing your product, not to mention the carbon footprint that mailing them to each of your customers would leave on the environment. This means much more than just saving trees, although that is extremely important, but since you’ll not be using paper anymore you’ll actually be saving on all the water and energy consumption, and of course reducing air pollution that is caused by the paper manufacturing process.

Social Bookmarking on eCatalog

Posted by | Posted in Page Flip | Posted on 16-08-2010

eCatalog now comes with social bookmarking features. You can share your eCatalog URL on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The Share This feature on the eCatalog also allows you to bookmark your eCatalog on websites such as Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and Redditt. You can also email the eCatalog URL to a friend.

So, there are more ways now to make your flash catalog popular...

An online flash catalog, or eCatalog, has a near zilch environmental impact, since it need never be printed.